Our Animals

Exotic Birds

We aim to provide a caring, loving and healthy atmosphere and start to life for exotic birds and small animals. This will ensure that they become happy pets that bring joy to new capable families.

All of our hand reared birds come with a free grooming service for life. In our shops we allow our parrots play time out of their cages and our customers love to interact with them. Ask us about which hand reared birds are available to go to loving families. We offer a range of parrots and other birds.

You can meet Mario at the Westville branch. He is a real character who loves acting and dancing. Tequila likes saying hello to and entertaining customers at the Durban North Branch and Bubbles is our baby in Pinetown who is really friendly and loves attention. These are just some of the FeedAPet family members… there are plenty of other cute characters to interact with!

Birds We Rear

African Greys
Hans Macaws
Illinger Macaws
Pineapple Conures

Other Animals

Small animals

We help hamsters and bunnies as well as chinchillas to find happy homes. Get more information from us about the care, housing and lifespans of these little cuties and the suitability of them for your family.


We offer a range of goldfish, tropical fish as well as koi fish. We will provide you with information on the temperaments and habits of different species to ensure that you select fish that get on well together in your tank