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Exotic Birds

We aim to provide a caring, loving and healthy atmosphere and start to life for exotic birds and small animals. This will ensure that they become happy pets that bring joy to new capable families.

All of our hand reared birds come with a free grooming service for life. In our shops we allow our parrots play time out of their cages and our customers love to interact with them. Ask us about which hand reared birds are available to go to loving families. We offer a range of parrots and other birds.


If you are looking for a parrot or small animal why consider FeedAPet?  

FeedAPet helps families to choose pets that are suitable for their home environments and family situations.  For example, if you live in a flat and are looking for a bird, we definately won’t advise getting a parrot or bird that is can be loud or noisy like a Cockatoo or Sun Conure.  Parrots are also not ideal pets for families that have small children.  Young children enjoy pets that they can hold and interact with and whilst parrots will enjoy sitting on your shoulder and having their heads scratched, in general they are not  animals that liked being hugged and held all the time. Busy children can also cause stress for parrots.  Nothing is cast in stone though, you may have a young child in you’re family that is very mature and then a parrot may be suitable.  We are here to give you advice that will be in your families as well as your new pet’s best interests.

With FeedAPet we are not just here to sell you a pet.  We care about these animals and it’s very important to us that all of our pets go to good home.  If you get a pet from FeedAPet we will also make sure that you have all the information, advice and support to care for your pet.  We are always just a call or what’s app away if you have any questions or need advice, anytime!

If you choose to get your Parrot from FeedAPet we have a special offer for you in terms of grooming and will chat to you about that on an individual basis.

We hand rear our birds with special nutrition and lots of love and will spend at least an hour with you on your purchase to help you understand what your pet needs as a free service.


Over the years FeedAPet has purchased and taken animals in as rescues from people who could no longer take care of them.  Many of the animals in our stores have found a home where they are taken care of and can interact with our customers.  The love and attention has helped them to flourish!  Please note however that we don’t encourage people to bring in their pets to us – It’s our belief that when you take on a pet it should be for life and it should be part of your family.

Meet some of our rescued store family members:





Birds We Rear

African Greys
Hans Macaws
Illinger Macaws
Pineapple Conures

Other Animals

Small animals

We keep hamsters and enjoy helping them to find happy homes. Get more information from us about the care, housing and lifespans of these little cuties and the suitability of them for your family.


We offer a range of goldfish, tropical fish as well as koi fish. We will provide you with information on the temperaments and habits of different species to ensure that you select fish that get on well together in your tank