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Exotic Pet Feeds, Cages, Tanks, Bedding & Litter

We stock a wide variety of bird cages and stands and if you need bird feeds, we stock a full range from small 1kg packs to 25kg packs for all types of birds.

Small animals:
Whether it’s a home, food, hay or shavings for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or chinchillas make us your one-stop shop.

For bearded dragons and other reptiles we offer pellets as well as live food like meal and superworms. Providing sources of heat is a must to ensure suitable temperature regulation for these interesting characters. The right lighting is also critical to avoid them suffering from disease later in life. They need UVB light that simulates their nature desert light. Chat to us about setting up a healthy environment for them.

Feed A Pet stocks a full range of fish foods including goldfish, tropical fish and koi foods in flakes, pellets, granules and frozen formats. Ensuring adequate oxygen, filtration and lighting as well as hiding spaces for your fish in an as close to natural environment helps to ensure that you can continue enjoying these beautiful creatures in your home. We will help you to select the needed equipment to keep them happy and healthy in an established environment.

Dog & Cat Food

We also stock a wide range of quality dog and cat foods, from small to bulk bags that will suit your requirements and pocket.

Accessories, Toys & Treats

The little extras also play an important role in our pets lives! Come and check out all sorts of great goodies to make sleep time, spoil time, chew time, exercise time, swim time and playtime a happy time.

Supplements, Treatments & Medication

Ask us for more information on our tonics and vitamin and mineral supplements to suit your pet’s individual needs and enhance their health. We also stock medications for birds and fish for the unfortunate times when pets need more advanced assistance to recover from illness.

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