Boarding Services Info

Worried about where to leave your birdie when you’re on vacation or a business trip?
FeedAPet boards parrots at a very affordable daily rate as an additional service to help our customers. Parrots can either be kept in the shop where they get exposure to, learn from and are entertained by other parrots or if you have a nervous parrot or a baby that is still being hand reared we are happy to bring your bird to our home as well.

Having pets can be expensive but it is also important to ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of food you buy for your pets. We would love for you to speak to us about your needs and we will be happy to work with you to find the best food to keep your furry, feathered or finned friends happy and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding

Should I bring my pet’s own cage?

If possible yes please. The reason for this is that your pet is away from home which will create stress, especially given the fact that you are not around. Pets that board in their own cages have the comfort of a familiar space which gives them some feeling of being home even though you are not around.

If bringing your pet’s own cage is not possible however, we can arrange a suitable cage to house your pet.


Grooming Services Info

You are welcome to visit our Durban North Branch during our weekend working hours at any time to have your parrot, cockatiel, lovebird or any other feathered friend groomed.

We do HOME VISITS especially for pensioners who are not always able to come into the store. A reasonable call out fee plus the grooming fee is applicable. We also offer pensioners discounts on the call out fee.

You can also make an appointment for the evenings or during the day if it is more suitable for you to visit one of us at our home office in Ashley, Pinetown.

During week hours please call Debbie-Lee Moses on 082-406-7267 to make an appointment at one of our stores where either Debbie or Oliver is working on the day you wish to come in.

Our parrot and bird grooming services include:

• Wing Clipping
• Nail Clipping and Filing
• A Worm and a mite treatment
• A calming, feather nourishing spray

Frequently Asked Questions About Grooming

Does it hurt when my parrots wings are clipped?

No it does not hurt your parrot but the grooming process is stressful for your bird. FeedAPet will handle your bird with care and kindness.

My parrots is a bit aggressive/feisty, will it be a problem?

No, not at all. Oliver and Debbie are used to handling birds and know how to handle the bird so that it cannot bite anyone during the process and if your bird bites one of us by accident don’t stress because we won’t be concerned about it.

If your parrot is aggressive we would also be happy to offer you some advice on how you can help your parrot to be less aggressive. Aggression can result out of fear or previous experiences but with love and knowing the right way to handle this you can help your birdie feel safer and reduce aggression.

How often should my bird be groomed?

Your bird will need to be groomed every 3 – 6 months depending on how quickly their feathers and nails grow. You may need to bring them in sooner for nail clipping if the nails are getting a bit sharp and we can just clip and file the nails for you.

Should I clip my parrots wings, after all birds should be flying?

This is a pet owners personal decision so we can only share our viewpoint on this matter. This is an unfortunately a dilemma that us as parrot owners face because we always want what is best for our pets.

When making an important decision like this one which involves the well being of your pet, it’s important to have the facts to assist you make the right decision for you, your family and your pet.

The facts:

  • There is always a risk that your bird may fly away if the wings are not clipped in which case firstly, you are likely to be devastated and will have to face the constant worry for sometime of what has happened to your bird.
  • Your bird has been hand reared and therefore was not trained to survive in the wild. Your bird does not know how to or where to forage for food and whilst it has a natural instinct to watch out for predators knowing the best ways to do this have not been instilled in your bird.
  • In Kwazulu Natal we have many predator birds. Raptures like eagles, kites and hawks in our province are known to not only take birds but also small cats and dogs as well.
  • Your parrot may return, if you are lucky, but their is no guarantee of this and if your parrot does return you will need to catch your bird before he or she fly’s off again which is not always as easy as it sounds.

Given the above facts then the question remains…. Are you willing to take the risk of your pet’s life being in danger and face going through the trauma of not seeing your parrot again and not knowing what happened to your birdie?

FeedAPet’s recommendation is to rather be safe than sorry, however as mentioned this is your personal decision.

PLEASE CALL OLIVER MOSES ON 083 362 6319 to book any of our services.